Installation of Span Structures Started on the Bridge over Amurskaya Channel

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The builders of STROY-TREST Company have assembled and launched the first part of the span structure on the bridge over the Amurskaya Channel near Khabarovsk. The span section is 42.5-meter long. The two remaining bridge pillars, Number 4 and Number 5, are being erected simultaneously with the start of the span launch.

“The continuous box-section span structure is installed by launching on the island side using hydraulic equipment”,

– said Sergey Glushanin, Assistant Chief Engineer, OJSC Stroytrest.

“We are assembling the second section which will be also launched from the right bank.”

The builders are finishing with the erection of the two last pillars simultaneously with installation of the steel structures. The other pillars have been completed last year. They also work on building the approach roads to the highway bridge. A total of 1.2 kilometers of the road have been already built on the right bank, and a roadbed is being put in place on the left bank where the road section will be 2.86-kilometer long The builders are planning to bring steel structures and building materials that are necessary to carry on with construction to the island within the period when they can still use the ice-cover crossing.

The new bridge will become the major transportation route for a year-round tourist and general traffic between Fuyuan in China and Khabarovsk. The new bridge construction is part of the project “Comprehensive Development of the Bolshoy Ussuriysky Island in 2010-2016”, which includes construction of an international tourist and recreational center in the region.

The major work on the bridge over the Amurskaya Channel to the Bolshoy Ussuriysky Island has to be completed in August 2013.

Sergej Sysoev / SK MOST

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