Work Done by More than Half in Reboring Roki Tunnel

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Units of SK MOST Group of Companies have done the work of reboring Roki Tunnel by more than 50%, and they are now putting in place the permanent tunnel lining from the southern and northern tunnel entries simultaneously.

The 3,730.4-meter long tunnel reboring is conducted from six faces at a time, and the tunnel workers are moving from the southern and northern tunnel entries. The tunnel cap is being worked at four faces using four ATM105 Roadheader. The tunnel stross driving is conducted from two faces, from both entries, using two mining machines. The tunnel workers have driven 2,612 meters of the cap and 1,116 meters of the stross by the end of January. The cap reboring is to be completed no later than in April 2013, and the stross is scheduled for completion no later than in September 2013. The reboring of Roki Tunnel was started in June 2012.

Simultaneously with the enlargement of the underground working, the builders have been conducting installation of the tunnel permanent lining, moving from the southern and northern tunnel entries. As of now, the permanent lining has been installed within a section of a total length of 720 meters of the inverted vault and also on the walls and on the roof within a 390-meter long section.

Reversible motor vehicle traffic between Russia and Southern Osetia is using Roki Tunnel gallery. The tunnel gallery was upgraded by the builders of SK MOST Group of Companies during the period between December 2010 and May 2012.

Sergej Sysoev / SK MOST

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies