Track Installation Underway in Tunnel No. 1 in the Tuapse – Adler Section in the South of Russia

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The builders of the SK MOST Group of Companies carry on with reconstruction of single-track Railway Tunnel No. 1 of the North Caucasus Railway in the Shepsi – Vodopadny leg of the Tuapse – Adler section of the Northern Caucasus Railway. They install the track in a 270-meter-long tunnel on reinforced concrete frames, which is a new technology for the south of Russia.

The builders place flexible rubber pads in the tunnel base and then install small-size frames having elastic ARS-type rail clamps on top of them, on a reinforced concrete base.

“This technology allows us to reduce vibrations and dynamic loads that occur during train movement, which will make the ride more comfortable”,

explains Aleksey Prits, Project Manager.

Tunnel No. 1 in the Tuapse – Adler section of the Northern Caucasus Railway was built way back before the Russian Revolution, and it has never been overhauled. The tunnel lining condition has become precarious. The tunnel did not meet the operation requirements as an engineering facility anymore.

The tunnel reconstruction began in November 2011. During one and a half years, the builders have completely re-driven the tunnel and installed the permanent lining and, in addition, they have built four retaining walls of a total length of 400 meters and reconstructed two tunnel access bridges.

The track installation work is scheduled for completion by the beginning of July this year, after which the builders will only have to install the contact network and communication systems in the new track section. The reconstructed tunnel will open for permanent service in November this year.

Svetlana Ustinovich / SK MOST

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies