Work Ahead of Schedule on Reconstruction of the Dmitrov Highway and Moscow Beltway Interchange

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SK MOST builders are planning to complete the work on the viaduct and overpass that are part of the Dmitrov Highway and Moscow Beltway (MKAD) interchange by September 2013. The work has been carried out without traffic closures and in a tight area because of a large number of ground and underground utility lines.

Concreting operations are 40% complete and steel structure installation work is 70% complete on the left-turn viaduct. Fifteen viaduct supports have been erected. The span structures have been installed between supports #1, #2 and #3. Scaffolding has been installed, forms are being put in place and reinforcing cage installation is going on between supports #3, #4, #5, and #6. A steel span structure has been launched onto supports 7 through 10. The viaduct is to be completed in October this year as per design schedule; however the builders are prepared to complete the work on this site by early September.

All of the seven supports have been erected for the overpass over the Savelovsky direction railway tracks. Preassembly of a steel span structure that will be installed by the axial launching method is carried out on building ways. The span structure launch is scheduled to begin in late May, after the railroad organizations will have finished removal of the contact network supports that are in the way of the span structure installation.

Retaining wall construction has been 30% completed.

Work is underway on construction of a motorway tunnel having two exits: S-8 towards the outskirts and S-1 to the outer side of the MKAD Beltway. The tunnel will have open, underground and ramp sections. The tunnel ramp section that is 76 meters long has been completed at the S-8 exit. Construction work is challenged by the work on removal of the utility lines and systems that are within the construction zone, which hampers badly the earthmoving operations. Tunnels are scheduled for completion in 2014 as per design. Reconstruction of an overpass to the North Water Treatment Plant and a pedestrian underground crossing on the Dmitrov Highway are carried out simultaneously with the tunnel construction.

Sergej Sysoev / SK MOST

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