Outfitting of the new Obluchensky Tunnel, which is 860 meters long, in the Obluchie – Izvestkovaya section of the Trans-Siberian Railway nears completion

Recent news

A total of 203 meters of the span has been launched. The span installation is carried out simultaneously with the work on completion of the overpass supports.

The 750-meter-long overpass will have a steel and reinforced concrete span structure as per design. The span is divided into three legs: first leg between supports 14-20; second leg between supports 6-14; and third leg between supports 1-6. Work has been going on simultaneously on all three legs. Erection of twenty reinforced concrete supports is close to completion, and about 80% of concreting operations have been completed. Retaining walls are being erected at the approaches to the overpass on the “Don” highway side, and 50% of the work scope has been completed.

Preassembly of all steel structure modules has been completed on the building ways for the first leg. The preassembled modules are installed on temporary supports, and a total of 640 metric tons of steel structures have been assembled and welded. The span structure is now lowered down on the bearings.

A total of 203 meters of the span structures weighing about 500 metric tons have been assembled for the second leg.

Preassembly of the steel structure modules continues on the building ways for the third leg. About one third of the total amount of steel structures has been installed on temporary supports.

After installation of the steel structures has been completed a reinforced concrete slab will be placed on the steel span girders.

The overpass is scheduled to go in service in autumn 2013.

Sergej Sysoev / SK MOST

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies