Round Table Discussions Held in Blagoveshchensk Dedicated to the Choice of the Construction Site of a Bridge over Zeya

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Round table discussions were held in Blagoveshchensk where regional authorities, planners and builders reviewed potential locations of a new bridge over the river Zeya.

The round table was attended by about three dozen experts including members of the Government of the Amur region, members of the regional legislative assembly and city council, Blagoveshchensk administration officials and “Amurupravtodor” officials and also representatives of the Public Chamber of the Amur region and regional community organizations. Four bridge location options were discussed including three of them in the city (in the range of Gorky Street, Oktyabrskaya Street, and Magistralnaya Street) and near the city (close to the town of Mokhovaya Padi).

Then discussions ended up by adopting a resolution to recommend that the bridge be built in the Gorky Street range as a higher priority site, which is also an optimal case based on the construction cost and the amount of the initial costs, as well as given the engineering and operation indicators of this option.

OJSC USK MOST is developing the design. The company won the contract for the preparation of design documentation for building the new bridge over the Zeya River in 2013.

The design concept options suggested by the designers will be subject to public hearings, and the type of the new bridge will be defined as a result of the hearings. The construction operations are tentatively scheduled for 2014.

Sergej Sysoev / SK MOST

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