Reworking of the Roki Tunnel Completed

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Units of the SK MOST Group of Companies have completed the reworking of the bottom part of the Roki Tunnel in Northern Ossetia. This completes the major tunnel driving operations in the tunnel.

The reworking of the 3,730.4-meter-long tunnel began in May last year. The tunnel cap has been reworked simultaneously at six faces, moving four ATM105 mining machines from both the northern and southern tunnel entries. The bottom part of the tunnel has been driven using two ATM105 mining machines at two faces, on the northern and southern tunnel entry sides, respectively.

The builders will now complete operations on the tunnel support facilities (track surveillance cameras, transformer substation) as well waterproofing, reinforcing cage installation and the concreting of the permanent tunnel lining. As of to date, the permanent lining has been completed on the invert arch, over a total length of 2,225 meters, as well as on the walls and roof, over a total length of 1,583 meters.

Jaroslav Zubenko, Sergej Sysoev / SK MOST

Photo: Boris Rogov / SK MOST
The BTS-MOST Group of Companies