Viaduct Construction Completed in the City of Kotelniki near Moscow

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The builders of the SK MOST Group of Companies have inaugurated the commissioning of a 646-meters-long viaduct.

Moscow government and city government representatives as well as the road construction teams and the builders took part in the event. The attendees included Andrey Vorobiev, Acting Governor of the Moscow Region, Konstantin Lyashkevich, Director of the General Road Management Agency of the Moscow Region, Aleksey Sedzenevsky, Head of Kotelniki City District, and Eduard Frizen, General Director of the General Contractor, LLC SPETSMOST.

Andrey Vorobiev, Acting Governor of the Moscow Region, expressed his gratitude to the builders. He said that the viaduct would optimize the traffic and bring an end to congestions at Moscow exits and entries in the Kotelniki area.

“The commissioning of the viaduct in Kotelniki is an important event for Moscow and for the region. This is a hard and heavy-traffic route, and where the drivers spent from one hour to one and a half hours in the traffic jams, there is no problem now. The modern infrastructure projects will make the area more attractive and comfortable for the residents,” Andrey Vorobiev said.

Boris Rogov / SK MOST

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies