Span Launching Completed on the Bridge over the Amur Channel near Khabarovsk

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The key milestone has been completed in construction of a highway bridge over the Amur Channel near Khabarovsk. The builders of the SK MOST Group of Companies have completed the span launching operations.

A box-shaped continuous span structure was installed by launching from the island side with the use of hydraulic equipment. The work began in early 2013 and was carried out in several phases. The last phase that consisted of launching a 210-meter-long section was done under very challenging conditions because of the flood in the Amur River. The total length of the installed span structures is of 945 meters. The overall length of the bridge is of 957 meters.

The builders are running preparations for the next phase of construction. They will have to lower down the bridge span structure on the permanent pillars to install them in the design position. The builders of the STROY-TREST, which is the General Contractor of this construction project, are painting the span structures and conduct waterproofing of the bridge deck.

Photo by Denis Pilipenko / SK MOST
The BTS-MOST Group of Companies