Construction of New Berlin Bridge Nears Completion in Kaliningrad

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The first phase of new Berlin Bridge is close to completion in Kaliningrad. The builders are putting in place the roadway.

The work has been practically completed on the left bank, and the guard barrier is being installed here. Work is carried on to put in place a 200-meter embankment and to consolidate the soil at the approaches to the bridge on the right bank.

Operations are carried out by the builders of LLC SPETSMOST well ahead of schedule. Initially it was assumed that the new three-lane Berlin Bridge over the Old and New Pregolya rivers would be commissioned in August 2014, however, the builders are ready to put the bridge in service at the end of this year. The total length of the new bridge is more than 640 m; the width is of 13.25 m, and approach length is of 1200 m.

Photo: Sergej Afanas’ev / SK MOST

After the new installation has been out in service, reconstruction of the old bridge will begin. It will be demolished, and one more three-lane bridge will be built in its place. Prior to completion of the reconstruction, the vehicular traffic in both directions will be organized on the new bridge in two lanes. An addition reversible lane will be used to optimize traffic.

The new crossing over Pregolya will be the main transport artery for Kaliningrad South Bypass and will connect the border cities of Mamonovo and the Sovetsk.

Sergej Berdnikov / SK MOST

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