Work Close to Completion on a Number of Storm Sewage System Sites in Togliatti Special Economic Zone

Recent news

OJSC USK MOST is going to complete construction operations on storm sewage system facilities in Togliatti Special Economic Zone.

By the end of October, equipment installation has been completed at the main drainage pumping station; operations have been completed on thin layer sedimentation tanks, surge tank, oil recovery facilities, and adsorption filters. The backfilling work is carried out at these facilities.

The foundation of Sludge Dewatering Plant No. 2 has been completed. Preparations are underway for the building installation.

Construction of the foundation for a UV disinfection plant is underway: formwork is being installed and preparations are made for putting in place a cast-in-place foundation slab.

Concreting has been completed on a purified water tank construction site where the builders are now placing concrete mix in the floor slabs.

The shake-down and commissioning of the storm sewage system water treatment facilities are scheduled for the next year after the entire engineering infrastructure and transportation facilities of Togliatti Special Economic Zone have been put in service.

The total footprint of Togliatti Special Economic Zone is of 660 hectares. An area of 181 hectares is developed as part of the first construction phase. The OJSC USK MOST contract area covers the water treatment facilities designed for purification of the runoff coming from the engineering and transportation facilities of Togliatti Special Economic Zone.

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