Traffic Opened in the New Obluchensky Tunnel in the Trans-Siberian Railway Line in the Far East

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Aleksandr Vinnikov, Governor of the Jewish Autonomous Region, executives of the Far Eastern Railway, representatives of Obluchensky Administration and city of Obluchie, representatives of the SK MOST Group of Companies, and other guests took part in the inauguration rally.

“Kazachinsky, Tarmanchukanskiy, Lagar-Aulsky, and Kuznetsovsky tunnels have been recently built or upgraded, and today we are commissioning Obluchensky Tunnel”,

– said Mikhail Zaichenko, Director of the Far Eastern Railway, at the rally.

A number of decisions were made this year at the federal level aimed at providing the investment support for the development of infrastructure of the Trans-Siberian Railway Line in order to increase the freight traffic.

Reconstruction of the old Obluchensky tunnel, which was built in 1915, begins shortly. The trains in this section will be rolling without interruptions.

Construction of the New Obluchensky Tunnel, which is 862 meters long, at the 8193rd kilometer in Obluchie-Izvestkovaya section of the Far Eastern Railway began in the fall of 2011. The tunneling was carried out by drilling and blasting. The following units of the SK MOST Group of Companies took part in the operations: OJSC STROY-TREST, LLC Tonnelny otryad No. 12 Bamtonnelstroy, CJSC Mostootryad No. 64.

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies