Construction of an Overpass in the City of Pavlovsky Posad Started in Moscow Region

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JSC USK Most started building a railway overpass in Pavlovsky Posad near Moscow. Under the contract, the project is to be put in service by April 2015.

In December, the company won the tender for building the overpass. Customer: General Directorate of Road Management, Moscow Region. The new railway overpass is designed to be 46.76 meters long. A new 850-meter-long motorway is to be built in addition to the overpass. Two bridges over the Vokhonka River and an 800-meter-long motorway will be upgraded as well. Preparations have been already underway on the project sites.

The new overpass will significantly improve traffic conditions between the northern and southern parts of the city separated by the railway line. To date, the level crossing on Bolshaya Pokrovskaya Street backs up vehicle traffic and creates congestions. Given the upcoming launch of high-speed trains by JSC RZD bound to Kazan, the railway traffic in this section will become even more intensive shortly. The uninterrupted vehicle traffic between the two parts of the city can be only had when the new overpass is in service.

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