Work on the Roadway Started in the Roki Tunnel

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Reconstruction of the Roki tunnel on Transkam Railway is on schedule. Concreting of the permanent tunnel lining continues, and work on the roadway was started.

The builders of the SK MOST Group of Companies used three powered shuttering systems to concrete the permanent tunnel walls and roof of the tunnel over the total length of 3,032 meters. In December last year the concreting of the inverted vault was completed. Thus it will only take to concrete the permanent lining in a section of the Roki tunnel that is 685 meters long. The tunnel is 3,730 meters long.

Simultaneously with the concreting of the permanent lining, work is being done on the covering of the smoke removal duct and roadway, and finishing operations are underway.

The smoke removal duct covering and installation of the smoke duct steel structures are conducted simultaneously, moving from the northern and southern tunnel entries. The overhead cover has been concreted on the total length of over 900 meters. The smoke removal steel structures have been installed on the total length of 1,250 meters. Fire retarding slabs have been installed on the top and bottom parts of the overhead cover over a length of 600 meters.

The builders started working on the tunnel roadway by laying drain pipes, fire trunk line pipes, and cabling pipes. The work has already been completed on the left side of the tunnel, in a section that is 450 meters long. Work is also underway to prepare for the concreting of the main layer of the roadway.

Preparations for installation of equipment in the ventilation chambers and in transformer station compartments are also underway. Buildings and facilities necessary to support tunnel operation are erected on the tunnel entry sites.

Jaroslav Zubenko, Sergej Sysoev / SK MOST

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies