Construction of a New Railway Tunnel Started on the Baikal-Amur Railway Line

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The builders of OJSC STROY-TREST are preparing the site for construction of a new Baikal Railway Tunnel. The tunnel is to be built in the Delbichinda – Daban section of the East-Siberian Railway (Irkutsk Region). They are outfitting the production facilities, build storage sites, auxiliary and amenity facilities. The operations are run by Tonnelny Otryad 12.

Photo: Vladilen Podviznoj / SK MOST

The New Baikal Railway Tunnel will have a single track. Two drainage galleries will run next to the tunnel from the western and eastern tunnel entries. The tunnel will be 6,609.33 meters long and each drainage gallery will be 1,500.0 meters long.

The design includes a modular prefabricated tunnel lining assembled of precision waterproofed rings with the outside diameter of 9.7 meters and inside diameter of 8.8 meters.

Photo: Vladilen Podviznoj / SK MOST

The new tunnel is to increase the traffic capacity of the Baikal-Amur Railway Line. The trains have been running in both directions so far through the old single-track Baikal tunnel that was commissioned on December 31, 1985. Before the old tunnel had been built, the trains ran along a temporary detour line that was 16.2 kilometers long. The detour line had quite a few temporary installations including bridges and viaducts that were 30 to 35 meters high in some locations.

Sergej Berdnikov / SK MOST

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