Kiparisovsky Tunnel to Open for Traffic in or before November 2014

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The tunnel lining has been put in place in a section that is over 600 meters long in the old Kiparisovsky tunnel. Repair work in the tunnel, which is located at the 9236th km of the Ussuriysk – Vladivostok Far Eastern Railway, is carried out by OJSC Tonnelny otryad No. 12. The reconstruction operations started in September 2013 and are scheduled for completion in or before November 2014.

Photo: Vladilen Podviznoj / SK MOST

The length of the old tunnel, which was built in 1916, is 944.63 meters. As of today, the builders will have to complete the lining operations in a tunnel section that is less than one third of the tunnel length. The upgraded tunnel will have the profile ensuring the modern clearance. Waterproofing and drainage behind the lining have been already finished along the entire tunnel, and work on the tunnel base is now underway.

Photo: Vladilen Podviznoj / SK MOST

The builders conduct preparations for laying a continuously welded track on broken stone ballast. They will also replace the old water drain systems in the base of the excavation and above the tunnel. Kiparisovsky tunnel will be a single-track tunnel after reconstruction.

Photo: Vladilen Podviznoj / SK MOST

Traffic is now running through a new single-track Kiparisovsky tunnel, which was put in service in 2000.

Sergej Berdnikov / SK MOST

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