Three Bridges and a 10 Kilometer Long Highway Section under Construction in the Amur Region

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The builders of the SK MOST Group of Companies conduct construction operations on a project including a 10 kilometer long highway section and three bridges across the Selemdzha, Ulikagut and Zheltaya rivers in the Selemdzhinsky District of the Amur Region. The cost of the work that has been done during a half year is over 1.5 billion rubles.

The new ten kilometer long highway section and the three bridges, which are over one kilometer long overall, have been under construction since June 2013. Within a short time, the construction projects deployed, construction equipment brought in, construction sites prepared, and bridge building was started.

Building a Bridge across the Selemdzha River

Six drilled piles have been concreted for each of the first and twelfth bridge piers by the beginning of February 2014 on the Selemdzha River. At the twelfth pier: grillage has been concreted, column reinforcement has been installed, and formwork is being installed for the columns. Footings are under construction for the second, third, tenth, and eleventh bridge piers. The footing of each of the intermediate piers will have 21 drilled piles put in place using the Junttan Drilling Rig. The total length of the two-lane bridge will be 853.76 meters. Bridge design: (63+4×84+63) + (63+3×84+63) m.

A bridge across the Ulikagut River is under construction. The bridge will be 121.19 meters long.

The span girders of a bridge across the Zheltaya River have been installed. The bridge is 73.04 meters long.

More than 90% of the roadbed on the bridge approaches has been completed.

Building a Bridge across the Ulikagut River

The ten kilometer long highway section and the three bridges across Selemdzha, Zheltaya, and Ulikagut rivers are built under the regional program “Development of Regional or Intermunicipal Level Public-Use Road Network in the Amur Region in 2010-2015.” The work is to be completed by 2016. The total project cost is about 4.6 billion rubles. The customer is State Enterprise “Directorate of Motorways in the Amur Region.” General Contractor is USK MOST.

Building a Bridge across the Zheltaya River

The Vvedenovka – Fevralsk – Ekimchan highway connects the southern and northern areas of the Amur Region. The highway is used to deliver food supplies and manufactured goods to the northern areas and to populated locations nearby. However, there is no water crossing at the Selemdzha, Zheltaya and Ulikagut rivers on the highway. The rivers can be crossed by ferry in summer and over the ice in winter. There is no river crossing during two months every year. When the new bridges are put in service, the region road network will be greatly improved thus providing an additional incentive for the development of the mining industry in the Amur Region, more specifically, for the development of Malomyrsky and Albynsky gold mines and for the development of the Ogodzhinsky coal mining area.

Roadbed Construction on the Bridge Approaches

Sergej Sysoev / SK MOST
Photo: SK MOST

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