Span Structure Assembly Started for a New Bridge across the Moskva River

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Assembly of the span structure was started for a new double-track bridge across the Moskva River, which the builders of the SK MOST Group of Companies are building as part of the project aimed at increasing the speed in a section Moskva-Passazhirskaya – Smolenskaya – Usovo of Moscow Railway. In addition to the new bridge near Fili Station, the bridge builders will also install a new overpass over Shmitovsky Way.

The concreting work at the construction of a 100-meters-long retaining wall has been completed on the bridge construction site by the middle of March; two temporary supports have been put in place in the river channel, and span structure assembly has been started on a building slip. The builders proceeded with grillage construction on bridge pier No. 2. They are driving a sheet piling enclosure at bridge pier No. 1. A foundation pit is being excavated at bridge pier No. 0. Drilled piles have been put in place for pier No. 1.

The bridge design length will be over 200 meters. The bridge will have an arched span structure of custom design. The new bridge is being built between Testovskaya and Fili stations, 15 meters from the existing bridge; it will be used for train service on tracks III and IV bound to Belarus. The work is carried out as part of the project “Speed Increase in Moskva-Passazhirskaya – Smolenskaya (Belorussky Terminal) – Usovo Section for “Aeroexpress” Type Trains.”

As part of this project, the bridge builders are putting in place a new railway overpass over Shmitovsky Way, which is 50 meters long. By mid-March, the builders have completed support No. 3 and are now concreting the girder of support No. 2. They installed nine drilled piles for support No. 1, and the remaining 23 drilled piles will be put in place when the work on protection of a utility collector at Shmitovsky Way has been completed. To do that, the second support has to be completed, and one traffic lane of Shmitovsky Way has to be closed. The new overpass design: 19+21 m. The overpass is built to run parallel to the old overpass and will be used for train service on tracks III and IV bound to Belarus.

Sergej Sysoev / SK MOST

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies