Span Structure Installation Started on the Khoroshevskoe Highway Railway Overpass in Moscow

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The SK MOST Group of Companies has put in place three pillars out of four and started span structure assembly on the Khoroshevskoe Highway railway overpass construction site. The work is carried out as part of the project “Reconstruction and Development of the Moscow Railway Inner Belt.”

The span structure is assembled on a building slip between the second and fourth pillars. A total of 120 metric tons of steel structures have been assembled.

The work has been underway since May 2013. The Mostotrest 2005 Company, which is part of the SK MOST Group of Companies, has removed the old Khoroshevskoe Highway reinforced concrete overpass. To date, the builders have completed three pillars of the new overpass out of four. They are putting in place drilled piles for the pillar No. 2 footing; they have already concreted six piles out of twenty.

The new overpass will have three railway tracks. The total overpass length will be 100 meters. The overpass will have all-steel continuous girder lower-deck span structures for ballasted tracks installed on the same pillars. Design: 43.5+33.7+23.0 and 43.5+34.2+21.6 m. The span structure will be installed by axial launching. The span structures will be assembled on a building slip in spans 2-3-4.

In addition to the overpass, two passenger platforms will have to be built. The platform decks will be of continuous girder steel/ concrete design, with the pedestrian decks that are 8 and 6 meters wide. The total weight of the overpass steel structures is 2 thousand metric tons.

The Khoroshevskoe Highway overpass project at the 44th kilometer, picket 5+61.4, of the Inner Belt is part of the project “Reconstruction and Development of the Moscow Railway Inner Belt.” The companies of the SK MOST Group are upgrading five railway overpasses in different areas of the capital and also the Dorogomilovsky Bridge across the Moskva River as part of the project.

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies