The First Spans Installed on the Shcherbakovsky and Tkatsky Railway Overpasses in Moscow

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The span structures for Track III have been installed on railway overpasses across Shcherbakovskaya and Tkatskaya Streets in Moscow. Assembly of the Shcherbakovsky overpass span structure for Track I and Track II is close to completion by the builders of the SK Mostotrest company, which is part of the SK MOST Group of Companies. The work is carried out as part of the project “Reconstruction and Development of the Moscow Railway Inner Belt.”

The work on the reconstruction of the overpasses across Shcherbakovskaya and Tkatskaya Streets is conducted simultaneously. The distance between the overpasses is of 400 meters. During the first phase, two new overpasses, for Track III, were built next to the old overpasses. The Shcherbakovsky overpass is 70 meters long, and the Tkatsky overpass is 82 meters long. The train traffic on Track III will be opened after the installation of electrical equipment. The removal of the old overpasses and construction of the piers for the new overpasses for Tracks I and II will begin after that.

The second span structure for Tracks I and II, which is 70 meters long, was assembled by the middle of May, and the builders are making preparations for the installation of a truss lift. A site for delivery of steel structures for installation of the second 82-meter-long Track I and Track II span structure is being prepared on Tkatskaya Street, next to the overpass.

The overpass span structures are custom designed. They are in the form of a braced arch, which is composed, in the cross-section, of two braced box-shaped members. The ballasted deck span structures will allow for high-speed traffic in this railway section. Similar structures were used in Sochi during the construction of the railway part of the combined Adler – Alpika Service route.

All the span structures are assembled on a building slip using the RD-400 40-ton crane, Kato NK 500 50-ton crane, and Grove 100-ton crane. The old overpass span structures will be removed using the GPK railway crane.

The reconstruction of the Shcherbakovsky and Tkatsky overpasses is part of the project “Reconstruction and Development of the Moscow Railway Inner Belt.” A total of six engineering installations are being reconstructed by companies of the SK MOST Group of Companies as part of the project.

Sergej Sysoev / SK MOST

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies