Preparing a Worksite for Building an Underpass in the City of Pavlovsky Possad, Moscow Region

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Preparations are underway to put in place a worksite for the construction of a new motorway underpass across the railway in the city of Pavlovsky Possad (Moscow region). Simultaneously, two motorway bridges are under reconstruction.

The builders are backfilling a site for the construction of the new underpass under the railway line, and a sheet-pile enclosure is being put in place. The underpass length will be 46.76 meters as per design, with the height of 5.1 meters and the width of 13 meters. The tunnel will be driven through the railway embankment without interrupting the train traffic, which will be done by the builders using suspended cargo packages by the builders of JSC SK MOST, a part of the SK MOST Group of Companies.

Two bridges across the Vokhonka River will be reconstructed as part of the new underpass construction in Pavlovsky Possad. Reinforcement installation and concreting work on a reinforcing slab is now underway on the 114 meters long motorway bridge in Vachevskaya Street. The concrete work has been completed in spans 1-2-3-4-5 where a total of 200 cubic meters of concrete mix were placed. The builders will have to concrete the reinforcing slab in two remaining spans and to shore-up pillar No. 6.

The span structure girders are being removed from the second 53-meters-long bridge, which connects Maly Zheleznodorozhny Proezd Street to Bolshoy Zheleznodorozhny Proezd Street. The bridge is now open for one-lane reversible traffic. The builders have dismantled one half of the bridge by removing ten 12-meter-long girders and five 24-meter-long girders.

The work on the site started in December last year. The construction work is scheduled for completion in April 2015.

Sergej Sysoev / SK MOST
Photo: SK MOST

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