Paving Completed in a One-Kilometer-Long Section of the Roki Tunnel

Recent news

The builders started construction of the roadway in the Roki Tunnel. They use the Gomaco Commander 3 Concrete Spreader. Concerting of a one-kilometer-long section has been completed by early June.

The concreting work is also carried out to put in place the storm water drain conduits simultaneously with the roadway construction. The storm water drainage system has been completed within a section that is approximately 3 kilometers long. The Roki tunnel length is 3730 m.

The smoke removal duct ceiling is being installed; utility lines are also installed, and the tunnel trimming is underway. Buildings and facilities that are necessary for tunnel operation are being erected on the tunnel entry sites.

The Roki Tunnel reconstruction work on the Transcaucasian route started in December 2010. The motorway traffic between Russia and South Ossetia is currently going through a service gallery in the reverse mode. The traffic through the service gallery was opened in May 2012. The traffic is expected to be switched over from the service gallery to the tunnel in October 2014. The service gallery will get its permanent lining after the traffic has been switched. The project is scheduled for commissioning in October 2015.

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