Installation of a tunnel-passing complex for the construction of the new Baikal tunnel is underway

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On the Western portal of the new Baikal tunnel, the Lovat RM 394DS tunneling complex is being installed with a cutting diameter of 10.2 m.

The Tunnel is located on the Delbichinda – Daban section of the East Siberian railway (Irkutsk region).

With the launch of this complex in July this year, the new tunnel will begin to be tunneled with a length of 6682.05 m. Simultaneously with the installation of the machine, the launch chamber for the tunnel-passing complex is being arranged. The tunnel will be built on a rotational basis by specialists of Tonnelny Otryad No. 12 – BTS LLC. A comfortable village has been built for them next to the portal.

The new Baikal railway tunnel is designed as a single-track tunnel with two drainage tunnels from the Western and Eastern portals. The length of the Western adit is 1500 m, and the Eastern adit is 1747.36 m.

During the construction of the facility, all the most modern methods of water protection will be applied. So, in particular, a special expanding sealing rubber will be laid between the blocks of the Assembly lining.

The tunnel is being built as part of the BAM and Transsib reconstruction project. It is planned to be commissioned in 2017.

Sergey Berdnikov / SK MOST

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