The Concreting Operations at the Moscow Subway Kotelniki Station Near Completion

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Installation of reinforced concrete structures at the Kotelniki Station of the Moscow subway Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya Line is close to completion.

The major areas of the station have been practically concreted including the platform area, two lobbies at the station ends, technical and service areas, turn-around sidings, a traction substation area, and a ventilation chamber.

Walls and ceilings are now installed in some areas of a train servicing section as well as in the ventilation chamber and technical and service areas; a commercial area under the platform area of the station is also under construction. Backfilling is conducted in the areas where the concreting operations have been completed.

When the concreting operations have been completed, the builders will start installation of the track, architectural trimming, and utility lines.

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