Nineteen Vessels Headed from the Port of Murmansk to the Port of Sabetta to Conduct Dredging

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A large convoy of vessels led by the flagship, a self-propelled dredger “D’Artagnan,” unmoored at Murmansk on 27 July and headed through the Kara Gate to the Ob Bay, where they will continue the dredging operations at the Port of Sabetta.

A pioneering channel 3.9 kilometer long and 240 meters wide has been already prepared in 2012-2013 with the bottom elevation of minus 12.4 meters, which offers a space for large-scale operations aimed at developing the water area of the unique Arctic port.

The vessels mobilized from around the world by the subcontractor, Mordraga LLC, will take part in the operations at the Port of Sabetta during the 2014 navigation season. They include a self-propelled milling dredger, two self-dumping barges, six holding dredges, and ten auxiliary vessels including a floating hotel providing comfortable accommodation for the crews.

The navigation period, which allows dredging to be carried out, depends on the ice conditions in the operations area and lasts approximately 70 days. A special Sabetta Group was established at JSC USK MOST to implement the project. The construction period: 2013-2017.

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The BTS-MOST Group of Companies