Over the Russky Bridge – to University Avenue

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Around 15 thousand vehicles cross the Eastern Bosphorus Strait daily over the Russky Bridge. Today, the giant cable-stayed bridge is the major transport infrastructure facility in Vladivostok.

As a reminder, the bridge to Russky Island was opened for public traffic exactly two years ago, on August 1, 2012. Residents of Vladivostok were overwhelmed with emotions, and the channel span was really congested because thousands wanted to ride across the Eastern Bosphorus Strait. The entire Vladivostok shared the triumph of the historical moment with the general contractor, JSC USK MOST.

Five permanent bus routes connect the mainland to Russky Island to day. The cable-stayed bridge created new place names in Vladivostok. The new route has stops named “Opera and Ballet Theater,” “Katernaya”, “Bolshoy Ulis”, “Nazimov Battery”, “Heliport”, “Ayax”, “DVFU”, “South Gate”, and the main Russky Island thoroughfare was named University Avenue based on the results of residents’ vote. Picturesque beaches opened for swimming this summer on the island, and the embankment of the Far Eastern Federal University has become one of the most popular holiday destinations for residents of Vladivostok. Future plans include development of the road network, housing development, and proactive area development on Russky Island.

“After the bridge has been built and traffic opened, many people expressed doubts in its relevance. They believed that it was built mainly for the sake of the prestige of Russia. However, the bridge is actually very much in demand. Moreover, the intensity of traffic and the traffic growth trend are well ahead of the design estimates”,

– says Gennady Shkuropatov, Head of a special division of JSC USK MOST in Vladivostok.

“A little over a year ago, we could see 2-3 thousand vehicles per day on average here, and the traffic is currently several times more intensive: about 15 thousand vehicles in workdays and over 50 thousand vehicles on weekends! The bridge is really needed, and this makes us happy. There is heavy steady traffic, and it continues to grow. Further development of Vladivostok and Russky Island is exactly what the Russky Bridge was built for.”

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