Two Bridges, over the Ulikagut and Zheltaya Rivers, Built in the Amur Region

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A new ten kilometers long highway stretch and three bridges of a total length over one kilometer are under construction in the Selemdzha District, Amur Region. Two bridges out the three (across the Ulikagut and Zheltaya rivers) have been already built. The piers of the bridge over the Selemdzha River are under construction.

Ten kilometers long highway

The projects are part of the regional program “Development of a Public Road Network at the Regional or Inter-Municipal Level in the Amur Region in 2010-2015.” The construction operations are run by SK MOST-VOSTOK LLC.

Bridge over the Zheltaya River

The design of the bridge over the Zheltaya River at Picket 44+76: 3×24 m; length 73.04 m; roadway overall width G-8.91+2×0.75.

Bridge over the Ulikagut River

The bridge over the Ulikagut River at Picket 55+83: 5×24 m; length 121.19 m, roadway overall width G-9.76+2×0.75.

Bridge construction over the Selemdzha River

The total length of the two-lane bridge across the Selemdzha River is 853.76 m. Bridge design: (63+4×84+63) + (63+3×84+63) m.

The work at the Selemdzha River has to stop from time to time to let the flood water through. Three breaks occurred this summer only, however, the bridge builders promise that all the projects will be commissioned on time, in February 2016. Local residents and the employees with the Malomyr and Albyn gold ore mines are looking forward to the traffic opening. In addition, the new route will be an impetus to exploration and development of the Ogodzha coal-bearing area.

Kirill Malyshev / SK MOST

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