Span Assembly Started on the Bridge over the Pregolya River in the Town of Mezhdurechie, Kaliningrad Region

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The builders of Spetsmost LLC started building the channel span structure of a new highway bridge over the Pregolya River in the Mezhdurechensk District, Kaliningrad Region.

An over 100-year-old steel bridge had been removed, and a temporary pedestrian bridge was built to replace it. Head of Spetsmost LLC Sergey Afanasiev is sure that the bridge will fit well in the surrounding landscape. “The project is not so much complex, but it looks so nice. The architectural design is very good, with the channel span made as a suspended arch. Permanent formwork, which is used here, is trimmed as masonry,” Afanasiev explained.

Construction of the bridge began in July 2013, and the builders are planning to complete the project in June 2015. The bridge will carry two-lane traffic, with the bridge design as follows: 34.8+45.8+34.8 m. The channel span is made as an all-metal arch, with a reinforced concrete slab roadway that is 10 meters wide.

photo: Sergej Afanas’ev / SK MOST

Sergej Berdnikov / SK MOST

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