Span Structures of the Highway Bridges over the Vokhonka River at the Approaches to the Underpass have been Repaired in Pavlovsky Possad, Moscow Region

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Reconstruction of the span structures of a small (53-meter) and large (134-meter) highway bridges over the Vokhonka River has been completed as part of construction of a new underpass in Pavlovsky Possad.

The reconstruction of the bridges was carried out as part of construction of a railway underpass. The JSC SK MOST builders have installed two temporary preassembled underpass tunnels under each railway track. Sheet piling was started around two pits on either side of the railway embankment. The pits will be used for the erection of retaining walls to protect the construction site against soil crumbling. The length of the future tunnel will be 46.76 meters; it will be 5.1 meters high and 13 meters wide. A total of 800 meters of new motorways will be built and over one kilometer of old motorways will be refurbished at the bridge approaches.

The small bridge, which is 53 meters long, connecting Maly Zheleznodorozhny Proezd and Bolshoy Zheleznodorozhny Proezd streets, is temporarily closed. Asphalt paving, installation of guard railing, and lighting pole installation are carried out on the bridge. The bridge reconstruction will be over shortly.

Sergej Berdnikov / SK MOST

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