Russky Bridge Swiftly Cleared of Snow after a Powerful Snow Storm

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JSC USK MOST, a company that is running operation of the Russky Bridge under contract with “Dalavtodor,” a Federal State Agency, was successful in handling the consequences of a powerful; snow storm in Primorye.

The Far East experienced a landfall of a vast and deep hurricane, and an emergency was declared in a number of regions. The inclement weather covered the entire Primorye Region. It was a real disaster in Vladivostok where wet snow fell after showers, and the snowfall rate was over 20 millimeters for 24 hours – higher than the monthly rate. The temperature went down sharply, and real Siberia frost hit the region instead of warm temperature. Wind gusts reached 25-28 meters per second. The wet snow instantly turned into ice crust, and the black ice turned the entire city into a giant skating rink. They have been fighting the elements since the beginning of the week on the roads of Vladivostok.

According to local motorists, the cleanest place in the city turned out to be a bridge to Russian Island.

“The Russky Bridge, which, together with the federal highway routes between Khabarovsk, Vladivostok and Nakhodka, is the responsibility of the FKU Dalupravdor, was cleared of snow and ice almost completely during the first hours after the snowfall was over”,

– reported PrimaMedia, the top-rated information agency in the region.

“The hurricane brought a whole lot of inclement and dangerous phenomena: showers, wet sticky snow and sleet, with a storm wind”,

– comments Gennady Shkuropatov, Head of a special branch of JSC USK MOST in Vladivostok.

“However, we have built the bridge and we have been running its operation for the third year now. We have highly skilled personnel who know the installation all too well and who are prepared quite well to deal with any unexpected Primorye weather events. For example, a fleet of more than a dozen pieces of modern special equipment is provided with the GLONASS system, which allows us to monitor operation of the equipment in real time. In addition, the personnel operating the Russky Bridge use NORDWAY de-icing chemical, which is manufactured using the advanced technologies, for cleaning up the roadway.”

“It is absolutely harmless, salt-free material which is highly effective to deal with icing. When the weather advisory was received, we treated 100% of the bridge surfaces with the chemical including the exits before the snowfall started. In this case, we had problems: first, it was raining, so it did not make sense to apply the chemical because it would have been washed off. The dispatchers working around the clock monitored closely a change in precipitation, and the roadway was quickly treated with the chemical right before the snowfall. In addition, information on the roadway condition is continuously sent to the monitoring system. Those areas where the snow gets frozen and forms ice crust have been additionally treated”,

– says Aleksey Ionenko, Chief Engineer of special branch of JSC USK MOST in Vladivostok.

Motorists in Vladivostok gave this job the highest rating.

“The bridge to Russky Island was cleaned to asphalt. Not only did they free the asphalt pavement completely from the consequences of the storm, but they also hauled away the snow mounds accumulated on the road shoulders. As early as on December 2, the bridge to Russky Island looked as though there was no snow for a month there. Motorists riding on the bridge cannot even notice that there was snowfall in the city”,

– reported the PrimaMedia agency.
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