Reconstruction of the Dorogomilovsky bridge is completed

Recent news
Specialists of Mostotrest 2005 LLC have completed the reconstruction of the Dorogomilovsky bridge over the Moskva river on the 40th km of the Small ring of the Moscow railway.

During the reconstruction, the old spans and the upper part of the bridge pillars built in 1907 were dismantled, and then a new two-track two-span bridge was erected. Bridge layout: 77.5+116.0 m with a further transition to the overpass. The length excluding the overpass is 193.5 m.

The work was carried out within the framework of the project of JSC “Russian Railways” “Reconstruction and development of the Small ring of the Moscow railway”. In addition to the Dorogomilovsky bridge, the enterprises of the SK MOST Group of companies performed work on five more artificial structures:
overpass over Khoroshevsky highway, overpasses through Shcherbakovskaya and Tkatskaya streets, the Riga overpass, the NAMI overpass on Avtomotornaya street.

The General contractor is JSC STROYTREST.

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies