In the Amur region, three bridges are being reconstructed in the zeysky and Selemdzhinsky districts

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Now the regional authorities are looking for designers for these objects.

There are plans to update three more bridges in the region. Reconstruction awaits the crossing of the river Jigdo 98-kilometer road Zeya — Polyakovskiy, via duct 183-m kilometer of Vvedenovka — February — Ekimchan, after the log 7-kilometer road Zarechnaya — sian.

Currently, they are looking for performers to perform updating projects for these objects. The regional public procurement Department has put out relevant tenders on the public procurement website.

All bridges must be connected to an existing road. According to the technical specification, they must be two-lane. Designers need to provide drainage, lighting, and determine the type of road surface.

The bridge over the Dzhigda should be eight meters long, the crossing over the Bayou-17.53 meters, the bridge over the log-seven meters.

For the preparation of project and working documentation for each of the lots, customers are ready to pay a little more than four million rubles. The region’s budget allocates funds for this purpose. The reconstruction will also be carried out at his expense.

In 2016, the builders promise to Commission the bridge over Selemdzha. Money was allocated from the regional budget for the completion of the bridge, as well as for the repair of the Zea — Tyga road, for the reconstruction of the Svobodnensky pass road at 122-129 kilometers.

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