The construction of the bridge over the Amur river involves twice as many Russians as Chinese

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China proposed to build the transition in 2.5 years.

The bridge over the Amur river connecting Blagoveshchensk and Heihe may be built by the end of 2018. The Chinese side made a proposal to build the crossing in a shorter time. This was reported to President Vladimir Putin at a meeting in Blagoveshchensk, the transcript of which is published on the website of the head of the country.

The bridge that will connect Russia’s Blagoveshchensk and China’s Heihe will begin construction in July this year. Now the project is being developed, and the construction of the structure is planned to be completed in three years.

During the negotiations on the construction of the crossing in Harbin, the Chinese side offered to complete all the work in two and a half years.

“The construction period is three years. The Chinese side decided at the last meeting in Harbin that it could be built in 2.5 years, and our side agreed to this. And I think that the conditions that the Chinese side offers will be met in terms of time”,

– Petr Romanenko, Deputy General Director of Most joint — stock company, reported to the President.

He also said that the Russian part of the bridge will be built by our builders, and the Chinese part will be built by companies from China. At the same time, Russians will be involved in the construction twice as many as Chinese citizens.

“About 1.5 thousand people from our side and about 850 people from the Chinese side are expected to work at the construction site itself”,

– Romanenko said.

Most joint stock company is one of the co-founders of a joint Russian-Chinese bridge construction company.
The cost of building the bridge will amount to 18.8 billion rubles: 13.6 billion rubles from the Russian side, and 5.2 billion rubles from the Chinese side.
Initially, a road bridge will be built, and later a railway component may appear.

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