More than a thousand people have already been involved in the construction of the Amur GPP

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The site was visited by the Governor of the Amur region.

The construction of the Amur gas processing plant of Gazprom held a working meeting with Governor of the Amur region Alexander Kozlov, General Director of the customer and the project investor — LLC “Gazprom pererabotka Blagoveshchensk” — Igor Afanasiev, Chairman of the management Board of SIBUR Dmitry Konov, chief operating officer of SIBUR, Mikhail Krasilov, head of the project “Construction AGPZ” Niigata of Boris Slutsky.

the current status of works on the territory of the plant construction was presented to the uber operator and participants of the meeting.

“Engineering planning of the site continues: it is the development, movement and compaction of soil, planning of areas, strengthening of slopes and other works. In total, 27.8 million m3 of soil will be developed and 14.1 million m3 of soil will be compacted. By September 1, 5.3 million m3 of soil had been developed and 1.6 million m3 compacted. 1,058 people were mobilized to the site, and 503 units of equipment were involved in the work”,

– said Timur Sultanov, Deputy head of the NIPIGAZ AGP Construction project.

Three companies were involved in the work. One of them is USK Most, which has a branch of SK MOST-VOSTOK in Belogorsk, Amur region. (*- the work is performed by a subsidiary of LLC “Mostdorstroy” – approx. USK MOST) The road construction enterprise of the Amur region “Asphalt” continues to work on the construction of access roads to the objects of the AGPZ.

Construction of temporary buildings and structures (VZiS), including a shift settlement of builders, is underway. Another Amur organization, SAR — holding, has been involved in the work on sinking piles. Work is continuing on preparing the territory for the construction of railway infrastructure facilities, and preparations have begun for the construction of port hydroelectric facilities on the Zeya river.

Meeting at the construction site was preceded by a working meeting in the office of NIPIGAZ in Svobodny. One of the main topics was interaction with the government of the Amur region, municipal authorities and territorial offices of Federal agencies in the region.

In particular, Alexander Kozlov asked about interaction with the administrations of the Svobodnensky district and the city of Svobodny on additional land acquisition and issuance of permits for construction. As noted by the representatives of NIPIGAZ previously obtained warrants for earthworks will allow us to start grading.

Another topic discussed during the meeting was the use of roads in the construction of the plant.

Timur Sultanov said that in conjunction with “Europremium” developed by the calculation of the cost of the damage. And now NIPIGAS making monthly payments.

“Are we talking about paying for the maintenance and operation of roads used in construction?”

— said Alexander Kozlov.


– confirmed the representatives of Niigata.

«Good mechanism. We are currently using it with various companies that use heavy equipment. Including in agriculture. We do not require that a dirt road be paved. Return it to its original form”,

– added the head of the Amur region, Alexander Kozlov.

It was also noted at the meeting that young trainees from far Eastern and Siberian universities, including Amur ones, are attracted to the construction.

“Within three months, they will be trained in the project office. 30 young mathematicians and economists are starting work next week. We have good expectations from cooperation with them”,

– Mikhail Karisalov said.

During the internship period, the company will provide housing for nonresident participants, and the work of novice specialists will be paid for. At the end of the internship, the most promising specialists will receive an offer to work in the project office.

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