More than 1250 builders have been mobilized for the construction of the Amur GPP

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NIPIGAS, managing the construction of the Amur gas processing plant of Gazprom has been in Free another series of meetings.

A series of meetings is devoted to interaction with contractors. The discussion was attended by representatives of the seven contractors involved in the construction of the Amur gas processing plant, the press service of NIPIGAS.

Within the framework of meetings with contractors, the planned deadlines for construction and installation work, tasks for September-October 2016, as well as issues of preparation for the winter period were discussed. Contractors provided information on plans for the mobilization of labor forces. During the construction meetings, data were updated on the equipment and personnel needed to perform the work within the established deadlines, as well as on the performance of physical volumes.

Stroittransgaz, podvodtruboprovodstroy and USK Most, which has a branch of Most-Vostok IC in Belogorsk, Amur region, are working on the engineering preparation of the agpz site. By mid-September, more than 6.7 million cubic meters of soil had been developed and moved on the construction site of the AGPP, and more than 2.4 million cubic meters of soil had been compacted.

The road construction enterprise of the Amur region “Asphalt” continues to work on the construction of access roads to the objects of the Amur gas processing plant. Asphalt is building roads to Zavodskaya railway station (1.6 km long, 98% ready) and to the construction site of a temporary berth on the Zea river (5.9 km long, 77% ready). “Asphalt” performs a complex of actions including soil excavation, structure and seal land works, construction of artificial structures, construction of roads and others.

Another Amur company “SAR-holding” performs work on sinking piles at the construction site of temporary buildings and structures, which will house a shift settlement of builders, as well as the necessary service infrastructure and storage facilities. By September 19, the contractor had loaded 2,908 metal piles. In total, more than 13 thousand steel and reinforced concrete piles will be used here.

The company “podvodtruboprovodstroy” performs works on preparing the territory for the construction of hard-surfaced warehouse sites. By mid-September, the contractor had developed and moved 25.5 thousand cubic meters of soil, and laid 387 reinforced concrete slabs. In total, about 3 thousand reinforced concrete slabs will be used for the construction of the site. Stroittransgaz company carries out works on development of trenches, laying of the pipeline, installation of wells and other works on preparation of the Vzis site.

The company “Stroymontazh” performs construction and installation work on the construction of the railway infrastructure – the bridge over the river Great Pen, overpass over a highway, railway tracks non-public section of about 45 kilometres and two train stations, “factory” and “factory-2”, located near the Amur gas processing plant and the station “Ust-Pen.”

In August and September, work was carried out to prepare the territory for the construction of railway tracks at Zavodskaya and Zavodskaya-2 stations for the agpz for full track development, including the construction of temporary access roads. Also, the preparation of the territory for the construction of the stage between the stations continued. Work is performed on the excavation of the soil, the device of the embankment.

According to the schedule of construction works, the willingness of a stage station from factory-2 to station Zavodskaya, including the path to the site SKD AGPS, as well as the willingness of railway bridge and railway overpass over a highway, planned for the end of November 2017.

The company “Trest Zapsibgidrostroy” prepares the territory for the construction of port hydraulic structures on the Zea river, as well as performs dredging. In parallel, engineering surveys are being conducted for the subsequent design of the berth extension.

By September 19, more than 1,250 construction personnel and 575 units of equipment were mobilized for the construction of the Amur gas processing plant.

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