Construction of the Blagoveshchensk – Heihe bridge in the Amur region has started

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In the Amur region, near the city of Kanikurgan, on December 24, a solemn ceremony was held for the beginning of construction of the Blagoveshchensk — Heihe bridge over the Amur river. This is reported by the press service of the regional government.

The bridge is about a kilometer long and will connect Russia and China. The facility is planned to be built in three years. The bridge will be cable-stayed with low pylons, according to the project, there will be two lanes of traffic. The length of the access roads will be about 11 km.

Now on the construction site, preparatory work and planning of the territory are already underway, and equipment is being imported. An ice road has been built to work in winter, and in summer the construction of supports will be carried out with the help of the fleet. 93% of the land has already been allocated for the bridge.

The contractor for the first stage of construction was the Most-Vostok construction company (note from the press service: the General contractor is USK MOST JSC, the subcontractor is SK MOST-VOSTOK LLC), a group company. According to its head Sergey Rafalyuk, in the first quarter of next year, drilling of the pile Foundation for riverbed supports will begin. After the supports are erected, the superstructure will be installed by sliding.

Recall that at the end of November 2016, a loan agreement was signed for the construction of the bridge over the Amur river, and the work is already being financed.

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