Construction of a bridge to China has begun in the Amur region

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In 2019, the bridge over the Amur river between Blagoveshchensk and Heihe should be put into operation.

Now a large-scale construction project has started on both banks of the border river. In China, they have already begun to drive in piles for the first coastal support. Similar work will begin on the Amur coast in the coming days. On March 17, construction sites in the area of Kanikurgan were inspected by members of the regional government headed by Governor Alexander Kozlov.

20 years of waiting

The construction of the bridge over the Amur river has been discussed for more than 20 years. In September 2015, an intergovernmental agreement on the construction of a cable car and the construction of a bridge over the Amur river was signed in China as part of the state visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Then began a long negotiation and agreement of the project between the two countries. At the end of 2016, the active phase of construction of the structure began. Half of the bridge will be built by the Russian side, and half by the Chinese side.

— We tried to ensure that construction on the Amur territory was carried out by our companies, because the Chinese side insistently offered to build the bridge independently. But we insisted on our own, – said the Governor Alexander Kozlov. — Now the Amur companies ZAO “Asphalt” and “USK Most” are working at the facility.

Bridges begin to erect the first supports

Russia and China have already started work on both banks of the Amur river. In the Blagoveshchensk district, a Parking lot has been cleared in the pre-bridge zone, where a shift camp of builders and main production facilities will be located. Including concrete plants: one of them is already ready for operation, the second will be

“Construction of bridge pillars on the shoreline has started. In Heihe, piles have already begun to be driven under the first object. In a few days, Amur specialists will start the same work, the platform for support is already ready. According to experts, all work in the Amur region is going according to schedules. There are no delays. — We see that the preparatory work is in full swing, and the construction of the bridge itself, according to the schedules of the companies involved, will begin in June-July this year. This is required by the technology. From our shore, you can see that on the Chinese side of the water is a frozen faucet. Perhaps our colleagues were too hasty. Our goal is to work in a schedule. As with any large-scale construction project, there will be many difficulties, but together with the builders, we must solve them and prevent failures”,

– the head of the region said.

The road to the bridge will be one of the best in the Amur region To prepare the site for the future bridge, the construction of a road that will connect the border crossing with the access road to Blagoveshchensk is underway. The total length of the highway will be more than 13 kilometers. The two-lane roadway will be able to withstand the intense flow of heavy trucks, and cars on it will be able to reach speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour. According to experts, there are no regional roads of this class in the Amur region yet.

The main volume of road works was assigned to JSC “Asphalt”, they will have to build 11.3 kilometers. The remaining section, as well as the bridge itself, will be built by USK Bridge. The cost of the road will be at least 6 billion rubles. The company “Asphalt” started the active phase of construction in January 2017. In winter, all the preparatory work was completed. Now road workers are filling out the roadbed, the maximum rise of the route above the current level will be 6.5 meters. The main task is to pass through swampy areas during the spring, which make up about half of the entire length of the route.

“The main difficulty is that the road passes through wetlands. And it is necessary to pass these places as much as possible in the spring. We still have 2.7 kilometers to complete, we have to finish them in a month — – said Viktor Banin, the project implementation Manager of JSC “Asphalt”,

– Work is carried out around the clock. 60 units of high-performance and modern equipment and 120 people work.

The road is planned to be fully completed in 2019, as is the bridge itself.

“Why is it taking so long? There are certain construction standards: the road that we fill out must stand, otherwise, if you immediately put asphalt concrete, there will be subsidence. We also need to strengthen all the slopes, they will be concrete, so that the road can withstand flooding if necessary”,

– the specialist explained.

The area where the future highway runs was almost completely submerged during the 2013 flood. Therefore, when designing the road, the possibility of a repeat of a large-scale flood was taken into account.

In addition, it is planned to build an interchange at the entrance to Blagoveshchensk, an overpass on the Zarechny-Konstantinovka road and a tunnel-type overpass on the road to Zarechny.

It also provides for two underground tunnels for agricultural needs: for the passage of machinery and livestock.

The bridge will pay off in 16 years

The total cost of the large-scale project, according to the Amur government, is about 20 billion rubles. Budget funds for the construction of the bridge will not be used, the source will be a loan that is ready to allocate a Chinese Bank. Construction is supervised by a joint Russian-Chinese company, which attracts money for construction.

— The loan agreement is signed for the entire amount, but the funds will be allocated in accordance with the work schedule. Extra resources will not be attracted here — – said Deputy Chairman of the regional government Dmitry Tetenkin. — The company will repay the loan at the expense of tolls on the future bridge. According to preliminary calculations, the construction will pay off in 16 years.

Taxes to the district

Also today, the head of the region asked how his order was fulfilled, which concerned the registration of enterprises working on construction sites for tax registration in the Blagoveshchensk district. Representatives of JSC “Asphalt” said that in February they created a special division, registering it on the territory of the municipality. The company has already transferred about 930 thousand rubles of taxes to the local budget.

“We need to take into account the interests of the Blagoveshchensk district. Taxes should remain here so that the head of the district and the heads of rural settlements can operate with the funds received, using them for the benefit of the population. It is very good that the first funds have already gone to the municipality’s Treasury. There should not be people who only earn money on construction sites”,

– Alexander Kozlov said.

After inspecting the construction sites, the Governor held a meeting of the bridge construction staff in the regional “white house”.

“I would like the project to pass without spots that would Mar its execution. Issues related to wages and the involvement of third parties should be under special control. There should not be people who only earn money from the process, but who are not interested in the result of construction”,

– said the head of the Amur region.

The meeting discussed the allocation of land plots, the design and passing of state expertise of project documentation, the allocation of quarries, obtaining the necessary licenses, compliance with construction schedules and timely payment for work performed. Alexander Kozlov also called on contractors to develop together with relevant d

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