Preparatory work is underway for the tunnel from the metro station “Okskaya” to the station ” Nizhegorodskaya”

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Preparatory work is being carried out for the passage of an alembic tunnel on the section from the station "Okskaya street" to the station. "Nizhny Novgorod street". The work will be carried out by the Herrenknecht 10690 tunneling complex with the construction of high-precision precast reinforced concrete lining.

Main line tunnel from the station “Okskaya street” to “Stakhanovskaya street” with a length of 1929 m. p. and from St “Stakhanovskaya street” to St. “Nizhegorodskaya street” is a two-track tunnel with a length of 1343 m. the inner diameter of the lining is 9.4 m.

Tunneling will take place in completely unstable soils from shallow water-saturated Sands to soft-plastic loams and clays. In this regard, the construction requires the use of special tunneling equipment. It is planned to carry out the sinking of the section under construction with the help of tpmC Herrenknecht 10690 with the simultaneous construction of precast concrete lining.

Taking into account the Directive construction period, a continuous two-shift work schedule is provided.

The duration of construction of tunnels, taking into account the preparatory period and the final stage, will be 20 months.

Installation of TBM is performed on the site of the open method of work in the starting pit.

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