STROY-TREST JSC becomes a contractor for the construction of 53 artificial structures on Sakhalin island

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On the island of Sakhalin, 53 artificial structures will be built, located on the sections Korsakov-arsentievka (21 bridges), arsentievka-Buyukly (32 bridges). The contractor of construction works – JSC "STROY-TREST»

December 04, 2017 summed up the results of competitions # 11330KPO-JSC “RZDstroy” /2017D, # 11331KPO-JSC “RZDstroy” /2017D, # 11332KPO-JSC “RZDstroy” /2017D, and December 13, 2017 summed up the results of the competition #11660KPO-JSC “RZDstroy” /2017D among organizations that passed the pre-qualification selection #8059/PO-JSC “RZDstroy” /2015/M in direction #3 ” Construction, reconstruction and overhaul of artificial structures (bridges, railway overpasses, viaducts, overpasses, culverts, pedestrian bridges)” for the right to conclude a contract for the Construction of artificial structures within the framework of the investment project ” Reconstruction of the Sakhalin railway to a network-wide gauge (1520 mm)”.

JSC STROY-TREST was recognized as the winner of these competitions, and the contract was concluded.

There is a limit of contract works for 2018 for all objects of about 7 billion rubles without VAT.

The construction of these artificial structures within the framework of the investment project involves ensuring the safety of train traffic without speed limits, as well as preparing for the implementation of the program for the transition of the Sakhalin region railway from the 1067 mm gauge to the network-wide 1520 mm gauge.

The construction of new bridges will be carried out:

  • on a constant crawl;
  • on an existing axis;
  • on the existing axis with the organization of traffic during construction on a temporary bridge and bypass.

SK MOST Group of companies will begin preparatory work in the current 2017.

The term of implementation of the investment project in these areas is the end of the second quarter of 2019.

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies