Installation of all spans of the bridge over the Don river has been completed

Recent news
On June 19, 2018, the closing span of the bridge under construction was installed. The left and right banks of the don river are connected together!

The total weight of the superstructure is over 900 tons, and the length is 132 meters.

The work was carried out with the closure of shipping. Six river fleet vessels with a capacity of up to 900 HP were involved.

Earlier, on may 18, a combined raft of two spans of 77 meters each was installed on capital supports.

The total number of bridge spans is 9. The total length of the bridge crossing over the Don river is 791 linear meters. The work was performed in strict accordance with the calendar schedule.

Currently, the following types of work are performed at the construction site:

  • preparatory work on installation of spans with a length of 132 m and 2×77 m on the support parts;
  • preparatory work on the construction of a bridge bed made of BMP plates;
  • strengthening the left Bank dam with a stone outline;
  • the device of power supply networks and auto-blocking of the bridge and outdoor lighting of the territory of security zones;
  • the construction and reconstruction of buildings vohr;
  • earthworks for the formation of the approach embankment and cone at the support number 10 on the left Bank.

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