On the bridge over the Amur river, the next superstructure continues to slide from the Russian coast

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During the construction of the bridge crossing over the Amur river on the Russian-Chinese border, specialists of the SK Most Group of companies continued to push the span on the Russian side.

The superstructure continues to be moved from the Russian part of support 10 to support 9 and 8 in the direction of the Chinese Bank of the bridge over the Amur river near the cities of Blagoveshchensk – Heihe. The slide is carried out with the mounted pylons of the support no. 6.

On the slipway platform on the support number 10, the metal structures of the superstructure were assembled. About 173 m of metal structures were assembled and pushed over from the Russian coast.

Construction of intermediate supports No. 6 and 7 is continuing. the girder formwork is being Installed. Earlier, on October 27, the installation of the cable-stayed bridge system on the slipway began. The total weight of the assembled metal structures, including the pylons of the support No. 6, is 1450 tons.

Simultaneously with the Assembly of the superstructure, the pylons of support No. 6 are assembled and installed with the installation of the cable system without the design tension. Currently, work is underway on the construction of a reinforced concrete slab of the roadway.

The total length of the facility, along with the approaches, is almost 20 kilometers, with two-thirds located on the Russian side. Only access roads are about 11 kilometers long.

The construction of the bridge is going from two sides towards each other. Specialists from the two countries are working closely to ensure that the docking in 2019 will be perfect.

In the future, it is also possible to build the railway part of the bridge near the road.

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