Planned work to replace the cutting tool TBM “Victoria”

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Implementation of a planned set of works to replace the cutting tool and restore the protective elements of the TBM's rotor.

Currently, planned complex works are being carried out to replace the worn-out cutting tools of the Herrenknecht 10690 (Victoria) tunneling complex.

50 single-disc balls, 6 double balls, 48 buckets, 110 incisors are subject to replacement. In addition, welding works will be performed to restore and replace the seats of the cutters in the amount of 110 pieces, as well as the restoration of the protective elements of the rotor of the tunneling complex.

At the moment, 75% of the total planned amount of work has been completed.

The completion of restoration works is scheduled for October 15-16, 2018.

After that, “Victoria” will continue tunneling to the future station “Stakhanovskaya”. There are 706 meters left before the entrance to its pit, which corresponds to the 392-m rings of concrete lining.

After entering the pit, the technological operation “excavation” of TBM, a complex of repair and restoration works to prepare tpmk for further sinking, relocation and installation of technological equipment, as well as relocation and installation of temporary buildings and structures will be performed.

Then the sinking will continue on the next section – between the future stations “Stakhanovskaya” and”Nizhegorodskaya”. The length of the alembic tunnel will be 1,394 meters.

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