Drilling of TBM “Victoria” resumed

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The tunnel was resumed to the Stakhanovskaya station after the cutting tool was replaced.

On October 23, 2018, the Herrenknecht 10690 “Victoria” tunnel complex resumed tunneling from the Okskaya metro station under construction to the Stakhanovskaya station.

Earlier, after the construction of 1,287 linear meters of the tunnel, the tunnel was stopped for planned replacement of cutting tools and restoration of protective elements of the TBM’s rotor.

In particular, the worn-out elements of the rotor were replaced: balls, buckets and cutters, armor sheets were welded in places of wear.

The tunneling complex, having passed the ice-ground array, reached the planned speed of penetration. If these speeds are met, TBM will enter the pit of the Stakhanovskaya station under construction in December 2018.

To do this, “Victoria” must pass 706 meters, which corresponds to the 392-m rings of concrete lining. The tunnel lining is a ring of precast reinforced concrete, with an outer diameter of Ø=10.3 m and an inner diameter of Ø=9.4 m. the Ring consists of seven high-precision blocks, weighing about 10 tons each (except for the lock). Waterproofness of the lining is provided by rubber seals installed on the ends of the blocks. In the pit station “Stakhanov street”, depth more than 20 meters, it will be a “step forward, when” tpmk in concrete construction spacer plate of the pit and a complex of repair-restoration work in preparation for further excavation.

To provide electricity and water, as well as to organize ventilation, drainage from the tunnel and delivery of the developed soil to the surface of the day, the construction site will be installed appropriate technological equipment, as well as the movement and arrangement of temporary buildings and structures for storage, production and administrative purposes.

Further, after the start of TBM, tunneling work will continue on the next stage from the station “Stakhanovskaya” to the station “Nizhegorodskaya”. The tunnel will be 1,394 meters long. The planned time frame for the completion of work on the sinking of this stage is from January to June 2019.

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