Completion of the bridge spans on 269 km of track

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The builders completed the installation of the bridge spans on the 269 km section "arsentievka-Nogliki" of the far Eastern railway on Sakhalin island.

As part of the investment project ” reconstruction of the railway on the island of Sakhalin on a network-wide track (1520 mm) ” a separate division of JSC USK MOST on the island of Sakhalin performs work on the reconstruction of railway bridges.

One of the first major projects to be completed by USK MOST JSC is the reconstruction of a metal bridge on the 269 km section of the Arsentievka-Nogliki section of the far Eastern railway. Work on this facility was started at the end of may 2018.

The bridge, whose total length is 95.42 meters, is located on the single – track section “Tumanovo-Vakhrushev”. The Gornaya river flows under the bridge.

The project documentation provides for the reconstruction of a metal bridge with the installation of new supports and the installation of a new span on a permanent bypass.

During the reconstruction, the division constructed two shore supports, each of which consists of 12 bored piles with a diameter of 1.5 meters and a length of 26 meters and a monolithic support body. The total amount of materials in the construction of shore supports is more than 1400 cubic meters of concrete and 115 tons of reinforcing steel. The new span structure is 88.52 meters long – metal, with through main trusses. The superstructure was assembled on a new design axis, for this purpose temporary metal supports were made. The total mass of the assembled superstructure is 400 tons of metal structures.

In August 2018, four temporary supports were constructed for the installation of the metal superstructure.

Work on the installation of the superstructure was carried out according to the schedule and was completed on time. On November 15, temporary supports were removed.

In early September, work began on the consolidation of metal structures of the superstructure, and on September 13, the first enlarged metal structures of the lower truss belts were installed.

At the moment, work is underway to fill the approaches to the bridge, and work is planned to install Cabinet blocks and strengthen the slopes. After the construction of the roadbed is completed, work will be performed on the upper structure of the track both on the approaches and on the bridge.

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