The two – track tunnel between the stations “Stakhanovskaya” and “Nizhegorodskaya” has begun to be tunneled»

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Specialists of the SK MOST Group of companies have started tunneling the section "Stakhanovskaya" – "Nizhegorodskaya" of the Nekrasovskaya line of the Moscow metro. Tunneling works are carried out with the help of TBM Herrenknecht S-517 "Victoria".

On February 21, 2019, at 12 o’clock Moscow time, a solemn event dedicated to the beginning of the sinking took place. The heads of the Dubrovka OP of JSC “USK MOST”, as well as representatives of the Customer and the designer, pressed a symbolic button that launched the start of the two-track tunnel, and the tunneling complex, slowly but surely “biting” into the rock, began laying the future tunnel.

Earlier, within two months after the completion of the tunnel on the section of the metro “Okskaya” – “Stakhanovskaya”, a unique technological operation was carried out to promote the complex on a concrete bed through the entire station under construction “Stakhanovskaya” without dismantling and removing the working parts from the pit.

Also, before the start of the sinking, the entire complex of repair and restoration measures of tpmk was completed, and technological equipment was installed.

Completion of the tunnel to the Nizhegorodskaya station is scheduled for July 2019.

Stakhanovskaya station is located at the intersection of Ryazan Avenue and 2nd Grayvoronovsky passage. The station is 192 meters long. The planned passenger traffic after the opening is about 100 thousand people per day.

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