Completed the formation of subgrade embankment approach to the bridge across the Amur in the Jewish Autonomous region

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The work on the formation of the roadbed of the railway embankment on the approach from the Russian Federation to the bridge crossing "Nizhneleninskoe" - "Tongjiang" has been completed in full.

As part of the planned construction of the Russian part of the railway bridge across the Amur river near the village “Nizhneleninskoe” Jewish Autonomous region of Russia, was fully completed the formation of subgrade of railway embankment on the approaches to the international bridge crossing. Work on the construction of the roadbed also included the dumping of the site for the construction of the Leninsk-2 station.

In the near future, it is planned to complete the installation of the span structure of the bridge crossing between pillars 3 and 4 (132 m long), which will connect the Russian and Chinese parts of the bridge, which will allow further work to begin on the construction of the bridge bed and the laying of the rail track. In parallel, work will begin on the bridge’s engineering systems.

Construction of the railway bridge between Russia and China “Nizhneleninskoe – Tongjiang” in the Jewish Autonomous region has been underway for several years. On the Russian side, the construction is being carried out by the SK Most Group of companies. On the Chinese side, the construction is led by China Investment Corporation (CIC). Customer Rubicon LLC.

The bridge crossing over the Amur Nizhneleninskoe (EAO) – Tongjiang (Heilongjiang province, China) is designed as a single-track railway bridge. It is designed for alternate passage of trains on railway tracks of different gauge: with a width of 1520 mm for Russian rolling stock and 1435 mm for Chinese. The total length of the bridge is 2209 m, the length of the Russian part (excluding approaches) is 309 meters.

The project will allow exporting iron ore concentrate from the kimkan-sutarsky GOK to China via the shortest transport route.

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