Updated corporate website of SK Most Group of companies

Recent news
SK Most Group of companies presents a new version of its representative office on the Internet.

The corporate website has long served as a source of news, as well as photo and video materials about projects, already built facilities and current construction of SK Most.
Now it has been replaced by a modern website adapted to any device – from a smartphone to a TV, redesigned for the best representation of information, which reflects all aspects of the activities of the SK Most Group of companies.

In addition to a convenient and “smart” search at the top of the site on any page, as well as a through menu, many sections and pages have been redesigned, large and high-quality images have been added, and everything superfluous has been removed. Much attention is paid to the pages of each of the construction projects. Now they provide comprehensive information about the object and everything related to it in a convenient way.

The portal is constantly developing and filling up.

Among the innovations: a Glossary of terms, a section of thematic articles about construction is planned. In the foreseeable future, there may be online cameras from current construction sites for real-time monitoring.

You can also subscribe to the official newsletter of the SK Most Group of companies, or convenient push notifications in the browser (in the lower right part of the site).

We hope That you will enjoy the updated site and visit it more often to keep up with the latest events and news.

The previous version of the site is available at: http://old.skmost.ru.

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