Work on the upper structure of the track in the new Baikal tunnel is fully completed

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In April 2019, work on laying the upper structure of the track of the new Baikal tunnel was completed. To date, work is underway on the construction of permanent way at the entrance sections of the tunnel.

Work on the construction of the permanent way began after the completion of tunneling, dismantling of conveyor structures in the tunnel, structures of the pedestrian ramp, pumping paths, the device of drainage trays, human shelters and a hard concrete base.

Throughout the entire period of work is constantly monitored by the surveyor service, construction laboratory and quality control service.
The length of the permanent way on reinforced concrete frames is 6739.14 m. p. A total of 3369 frames were used. The length of the frame along the tunnel is 1990 mm, width is 2450 mm, weight of 1 frame is 2650 kg. More than 500 tons of reinforcing steel and about 7000 m3 of track concrete were used.
The work was carried out first on three fronts, and then after laying the permanent way more than 50% on two fronts, from the trunk to the tunnel portals. This made it possible to complete the work according to the schedule approved by the Customer. The maximum speed of permanent way construction was 50 m. p. per day. Record figures were achieved in March 2019, and amounted to 1,438 m. p. permanent way for the month.

Currently, work is continuing on the construction of periportally buildings East and West of tunnel portals, building. In parallel, work is underway on the permanent construction of a new tunnel: the equipment of the SCB system, communications, fire extinguishing, and so on. After the snowmelt, from June, work will begin on the improvement and reclamation of the port sites and the construction of security structures.

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