Arrangement of the bridge bed of the bridge over the Don river

Recent news
Specialists of the SK Most Group of companies are laying BMP slabs on the bridge over the don river on the 280-m km section of the Morozovskaya-Volgograd Volga railway.

Since the beginning of may 2019, work is being carried out on the bridge structure 8-9 (132 meters long) on the 280-m km of the Morozovskaya – Volgograd section of the Volga railway bridge over the Don river.

As of now we have carried out installation of the BMP on seven of the nine span bridge structures. After the installation of bridge slabs on all superstructures and the completion of work on the formation of the embankment of the railway approaches, work will begin on the laying of railway tracks.
In parallel with the work on the bridge, the following types of work continue:

  • strengthening the left bank dam with a sketch of tetrahedra and stone;
  • strengthening the slopes of the left Bank embankment with flexible mats filled with concrete (currently, about 75% of the total volume of Bank protection works has been completed, which is more than 95,000 m2 of the reinforced surface of the slope);
  • reconstruction of buildings and structures of VOHR;
  • construction of power supply and lighting networks on the territory of the VOHR.

The work is performed according to the schedule.

New bridge over the river. Don will allow freight trains weighing up to 12 thousand tons to pass at a speed of up to 90 km/h.
The start of traffic on the bridge is scheduled for 2019. With the opening of traffic on the new bridge, the old one will be dismantled.

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies