Planned work has begun on replacing the cutting tool of TBM “Herrenknecht 10690 “Victoria”

Recent news
On may 21, specialists of SK Most Group started the planned complex works on replacing the worn-out cutting tool of the 10-meter rotor of the tunnel-passing complex.

To perform a planned replacement of the cutting tool on the PK 137+40 track tunnel from the station “Stakhanovskaya” to the station “Nizhegorodskaya” completed consolidation area soil massif, through the construction baraccuda and jet piles system level.

In the course of the above works it is subject to replacement:

  • 50 single disc cutters (cutters)
  • 6 double disc cutters (cutters)
  • 48 buckets
  • 110 incisors

The completion of the above works is scheduled for may 26, 2019.
Next, “Victoria” will continue the excavation of the tunnel under construction to the station “Nizhegorodskaya”. There are 675 meters left before the entrance to its pit, which corresponds to 375 rings of concrete lining.
The length of the stage tunnel between the stations “Stakhanovskaya” and “Nizhegorodskaya” is 1394 meters.
After entering the pit, approximately in July-August 2019, according to the plan, specialists of SK Most Group of companies will perform the dismantling of the TBM at the Nizhegorodskaya street station.
During these works, large-sized and heavy-weight elements of tpmk will be dismantled and transported using a crawler crane with a load capacity of 750 t, 220 t, as well as a special Cometto transportation system.

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies